10 Car Rental Tips Uganda Visitors Should Know


If you want to realize value for your money, consider hiring a car with us for a safari in Uganda. Car rentals allow you catch a glimpse of several attractions in the destination of your choice just within your convenience and budget. Once you are at the spot, your car hire should be available for you and ready for use. Before signing the agreement it is better that you consider the following tips.

Check the car requirements

Depending on your travel interest, the smallest vehicles may not fulfill your travel need as required. Before you contact the car hire company, at the back of your mind, you know the number of people and the luggage to be packed. Traveler’s comfort and safety are key factors while hiring a car in Uganda. Based on your preference, you may need an air conditioned vehicle for the remote destinations with warm conditions.

Check out what is include in the price of hiring the car

Before renting a car, make sure that you are aware of what the cost for care hire consists of. The cost quoted by Competitor Company might not be genuine and yet it comes with hidden costs. Do not be disappointed at a last minute! Take it now as a serious factor.

Take out proper cover

Find out if the car hire agency offers the Third party liability cover and collision damage waiver like it is the case in other countries or Theft protection an optional extra. For many countries, a daily access reduction cover can be taken out to reduce the CDW and Theft Protection excess. In the United States, visitors are required to add the state minimum third party cover at certain cost with supplementary liability insurance. Other states require minimum levels as low as $10000.

Pre book before traveling to destination of your choice

It hurts for you to travel and start looking for a car Hire Company at a last minute at the destination. Book for your preferred car online while you are still at home and when you travel you just get the keys or a driver guide just picks you from the airport to your area of interest. This can be cheaper and will guide you while budgeting as it also assures you of the availability of the car in the destination.

Hire a car from the company with reputation or recognized

Before renting a vehicle, you need to first know if the company you are dealing with is recognized nationally or even internationally. There are many companies offering the same service but you have to be careful and enrich yourself with information before transacting with any agency. In most cases, reputable companies provide the up to date cars, operate wider network of locations, position themselves to high end standards and even provide emergency roadside assistance or contacts for you to reach them in case of any breakdown.

Check the bodywork damage

Prior driving the vehicle from the company site, make sure that any damage whether small dent or scratch is recorded on the pre hire inspection form. This will protect you from incurring any charges for damages that were not part of you. Find out the fuel gauge of the car to ensure that the car has the amount of fuel as stated on the paper work.

Check on the car tyres

Before setting off for a safari, make sure you have checked on the car tyres to find out if they are in better conditions, have sufficient tread depth-at least 3 millimeters and if they are properly inflated. In most cases, travelers tend to break the terms and conditions and just drive the hired car off road. At the end, this can bulge in the side wall. Besides, you should also cross check the windscreen washers and wipers if they are not worn out and the washers have water.

Make sure that you get yourself used to controls.

Prior setting off, make sure that you know al the controls and that the lights, wipers and horn work well. Inquire from any of the staff to demonstrate any controls before in case you are not familiar with the car and even ask for a copy of the handbook. Do not forget also to check on the level of fluid and oil and carry out a static brake check.

Make sure that there is roadside assistance service in case of break down

While on the road, you can not predict what will happen to you along the way. And that is why it is important for you to have necessary cover and contact of the car hire agency for emergency. Check the glove compartment if it has all the necessary breakdown assistance information.

Check the fuel type and come back with a full tank

Lastly, ensure that you know the kind of fuel the car uses to avoid making wrong choices otherwise you will incur costs for cleaning the engine and this will be another expense. Come back with full tank of fuel or topped up to the same level as given to you at car hire company site as this will protect you from incurring additional costs of refueling. Make sure that you check on the engine oil to avoid the engine to overheat.

In conclusion, before setting off for a safari with car hire, make sure that you follow the above items that have listed above. They will guide you while on safari and help protect you from incurring extra expenses which you didn’t plan for.


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