Choosing a Tour Operator for Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trek

In Uganda, there are so many entrusted tour operators coming up. There are over 400 tour companies that are registered and there are even others not registered yet. It is your choice to decide which company you want to use and mostly all these companies are under Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) which is a government agent that takes control of other entrusted tour companies.

Going on a gorilla safari in Uganda can be either expensive or cheap depending on what kind of trip you prefer having. The best way to have memorable trip for gorilla trekking is booking with the help of tour operators.

Before confirming the tour company to use, you’re advised to search online and compare the suggested gorilla trekking companies along recommended Uganda tour operators to have the best forgettable moments.

Due to the fact that gorilla trekking takes place in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. The visitors are advised to trust a tour operator they have chosen to book for gorilla permits since they are on high demand, accommodation either luxury, mid -range and budget, activities and transport. Tour operators went ahead to advise you to book 6 months before the travel to avoid congestion.

Coincidentally, the gorillas can also be accessed from the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and the Virunga National Park in DR Congo adding up as a massif conservation area. Despite the fact that Uganda has so many tour operators that operate in the region.

How do you choose the best tour operator company?


As a visitor, if you want to know how the best company operates, you need to check on their ‘about us’ page, contacts, physical address  and email address  to determine if the company is trust worthy, reliable and ready to provide the best services and how long they have been in an operation. You as a visitor continue finding out the location of the tour operator company you have selected and the country it is? After knowing all that, you’re able to know if your tour operator handles all aspects of your trip.

Membership to local Tour Associations

All the entrusted tour operators must be members of AUTO [Association of Uganda Tour Operators]. If it is a member of a Tour Operator Association, It is easier to raise a complaint about a company. However membership implies safety of your trip, although unregistered companies can still offer the quality service on your trip. Some membership still provides average and others excellent services.  Despite the fact that Uganda has many companies, visitors are advised to be careful while choosing a company and to always use companies that are registered in association of Uganda Tour Operator. 

Company reputation and reviews

Deciding which tour company you’re going to use, online reviews makes you know how such tour operator is best for you or not. All their clients they have worked for, most of them always give feedback of their trips and that’s how you will get to know how good the company is.  From this, you will be able to determine if the company is trust worthy, reliable and ready to provide the best services to you.

Think twice worse reviewing the negative feedback from a tour company before making a final decision. Check out their reputation on all social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, linked in and more others. The several updates of the company on social media you have selected still shows that you’re on the right track.


First and foremost, is the communication between you and the tour operator flowing as you want it? However if communication is limited or not existing at all, then that’s not a good thing.  Clients are free to ask all questions they want and it’s a work for an operator to answer all to make the client understand. One of the obligations of a good tour operator should be in place to prove all attention to its client. Creating more confidence, trust worth as well as feeling comfortable and at ease, then keeping in touch with your tour operator through constant emails, phone calls and social media.

Do you prefer a private or group tour?

As a client it’s important to know what you want and you have preferences, different tastes and when it comes on choosing which type of tour so the tour operator should be in position to explain the two types so that a client can make a decision. About the private tour, these are usually included family members or an individual who wants to experience their designed itinerary to the fullest. For the group safaris, the clients should know that it involves many people where you all share the costs in transport, fuel accommodation and decide as one on the type of itinerary to take. Despite knowing the two safari types, most clients always prefer private safaris because they visit places of the personal interests without being disturbed by the group.

Have a budget estimate

By the time a client takes a step to decide for a trip, he or she is expected to be with the budget of how much to spend according to the particular vacation considered.  Clients have to consider the accommodation [luxury, mid-range and budget] , activities included in the itinerary and  type of vehicles to be used [ land cruiser or basic vans]. The tour operators reminds their clients that the more the clients for a trip, the cheaper the costs.

Form of payment used by the tour operator

Curiously, all clients planning for the safari trip in not only Uganda but also other countries is advised to send 30%- 40 % of their money on a company account not personal account. The main form of payment used by most reputable tour companies include; PayPal, bank transfers, Pesapal, paying at the offices of the tour operator. Don’t be deceived to send the money via western Union and gram union. It is a client’s choice to decide which account is convenient for them to use. The money sent is used to book some of the activities, transport, gorilla permits and where to stay after your arrival in Uganda.

However, you will find that every safari company has their own unique way of pricing depending on how large the safari style. Accordingly, you need to know what the price includes and excludes because some companies offer only luxury gorilla safari while others are comfortable with the budget gorilla trekking option. It is important for you to analyze what is best for you to have the best memorable tour in Uganda.


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